Haryana cm Nayab Singh saini became a fan of Dolly Chai...

Today everyone knows social media influencer Dolly Chaiwala. His videos often go viral on social media. His tea stall is also quite famous in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Even microsoft founder bill gates has drank tea from Dolly's hands. Its video went viral on social media. Dolly, who makes and sells tea in a very different style, has this time served tea to haryana chief minister Nayab Singh Saini.

A video of Dolly Chai seller serving prime minister Narendra Modi's Namo tea to cm Nayab Singh saini in Gurugram has surfaced. In this, along with the chief minister, rajya sabha MP krishna Lal Panwar and Transport minister are also drinking tea made by Dolly.

Chief minister held a meeting with YouTubers and influencers

A meeting of YouTubers and influencers was held in Gurugram on Tuesday, which haryana chief minister Nayab Singh saini attended as the chief guest. More than 50 social media influencers and YouTubers from different states of the country participated in this meeting. During this, while talking to YouTubers and social media influencers, chief minister Nayab Singh saini appealed to them to give a new direction to the youth of the country. He said that the messages that people are giving in different ways through social media have also brought about a change in the lifestyle of the youth.

CM Nayab saini said that more than 50 YouTubers and influencers have reached about 200 million people across the country. The influencers and YouTubers who came to attend the meeting said that the work being done by the government towards wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital has allowed the youth of the country to work in many different fields. He said that in the coming days, india will be seen as a big market.


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