Why did the girl die after eating cake on her birthday? 

The investigation is going on in the case of the death of a girl due to eating cake on her birthday in Patiala, Punjab. Meanwhile, a big revelation has come to light that the cake that caused the death of the girl was cooked with synthetic sweetener. While cooking the cake, saccharin and artificial sweetener were mixed in large quantities, which became the reason for the death of the girl.

Regarding the matter, district health Officer Dr. Vijay Jindal says that saccharin is also used in beverages. Due to saccharin, the blood sugar level increases rapidly in the body, due to which there is a risk of death. Now after the revelation in the matter, action will be taken against the bakery making the cake, along with this a fine will also be imposed.

The girl lost her life after eating cake on her birthday

Let us tell you that 24th march was the birthday of 10-year-old Manvi in Patiala. A cake was ordered online on his birthday. After eating the cake, Manvi's health suddenly deteriorated. His younger sister also started vomiting. Due to the dry mouth of the girl, she was also feeling very thirsty. Next morning, Manvi's condition worsened and when she was taken to the hospital, she died. Other members of the family vomited because of the cake. After this, in the complaint given by the family, it was told that the girl died due to eating the cake ordered online.

Manvi had eaten too much cake

According to doctors, due to the excessive vomiting of Maanvi's younger sister, the contaminated food inside her body had come out. This had saved his life. At the same time, Manvi had eaten more cake than other members of the family, due to which she died.

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