Opposition votes will not be divided due to the india alliance...

Senior maharashtra congress leader prithviraj Chavan on tuesday claimed that the opposition's votes will not be divided in the elections as the parties are contesting the elections together under the india Alliance. The basic strength of the bjp is around 30 percent (vote share) because in the past 60 to 70 percent of people voted against BJP. prithviraj Chavan said in Surat, gujarat that we are trying to bring all of them together to ensure that the elections are fought on issues (related to the people).

When congress leader prithviraj Chavan was asked how would be the performance of congress in the lok sabha elections, he said that this time due to the india alliance, anti-BJP votes will not be divided. When asked about the chances of the india alliance winning the elections, prithviraj Chavan said that congress has fulfilled its promises after coming to power. Has fulfilled his promises in karnataka and telangana also.

BJP's election promises 'jumla'

Prithviraj Chavan termed BJP's election promises as 'jumla' and claimed that the congress manifesto has been prepared after consulting many learned people. We have prepared our manifesto after consulting many learned people. This is not a statement of PM Modi. He said that (Prime minister Narendra) Modi had earlier said that he would bring back black money within 100 days of coming to power. What happened to that promise? Is he now trying to save some people or compromise with them? He alleged that PM Modi is trying to polarize voters on religious lines, as he has realized that BJP's defeat is near.

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