The election campaign also became hi-tech...?

The same colors as before are not seen in the election campaign anymore. Earlier, the candidate's name and election symbol were seen painted on posters or walls at various places. Flags and badges used to be seen on children's shirts in the streets, but now the times have become high-tech. The method of election campaigns has also changed.

In this modern era, social media has become a means of public contact through computers and mobiles. Earlier, different groups used to run for election campaigns and mikes were also used very rarely in public meetings. Now the convoy of candidates is accompanied by a large number of vehicles and an army of their supporters and election campaigning is done mostly through social media.

The campaign will end this evening

Voting for the remaining 13 lok sabha seats in rajasthan will begin at 7 am on april 26 and will close at 6 pm. Therefore, following the guidelines of the election Commission, the election campaign will end 48 hours before the completion of voting. Now candidates can contact door to door. Tomorrow morning, polling teams will be sent to the booths with EVMs.

Parties are also making efforts to increase voting

The voting percentage for the first phase of lok sabha elections 2024 held on april 19 was less than the 2019 elections. Due to the low voting percentage, the equation of both the major parties has deteriorated. Voting for the second phase will take place on april 26. The emphasis of the administration and political parties will be on increasing the voting percentage. The administration and party workers are continuously trying to bring the voters to the booth.

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