Former OSD's big claim, 'Ashok Gehlot himself given pen drive'...

Lokesh Sharma, who was OSD of former rajasthan chief minister ashok gehlot, has made a big claim today in the phone tapping case. While giving his clarification on the phone tapping issue, he alleged that the so-called recording which came in front of everyone was given by former chief minister ashok gehlot himself. lokesh Sharma alleged, "He had asked to circulate that recording." Not only this, ashok gehlot had given him a pen drive in which that recording was written. However, lokesh Sharma's allegations have been completely rejected by the State General Secretary of the congress Party in rajasthan, Swarnim Chaturvedi.

Making allegations on wednesday, lokesh said, "I left the hotel and came straight to the Chief Minister's residence." Where cm ashok gehlot was waiting for me. chief minister ashok gehlot, while giving him a pen drive, said that he should circulate the audio recording of this pen drive in the media. Where lokesh took the pen drive, inserted the pen drive in the laptop, extracted the recording, and circulated it to the media persons. This incident happened when there was tension between ashok gehlot and sachin pilot in Rajasthan. During that time many MLAs were present in Manesar along with Sachin Pilot. After this claim, a big political stir has intensified in Rajasthan.

The State General Secretary of the congress Party refuted

State General Secretary of the congress Party in rajasthan, Swarnim Chaturvedi, says that lokesh Sharma is in touch with the bharatiya janata party and is giving such statements after meeting their leaders. There is no point in this.

Hints were given in the morning itself

Former OSD lokesh Sharma announced to give complete information about the phone tapping case on wednesday morning. When lokesh met rajasthan chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma recently, there were indications of something big happening. lokesh said today that he has been troubled by the continuous questioning for the last three years. I am revealing this out of compulsion. The person who had done the deed has now turned his back. I am fed up of being interrogated for 8 hours, 5 hours, and sometimes 9 hours.

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