Before the assembly elections in telangana state, the congress government has said as part of the manifesto that if they come to power, they will waive off the loan of two lakhs farmers of Telangana. After that the congress party established the government in telangana state as the congress party got the majority to form the government in telangana state. 

Ever since the congress party came to power, the BRS party has been constantly criticizing the promises given by the congress, saying that it is not easy to fulfill all the promises given by them. BRS leaders said that all are gibberish to deceive the people and get votes and they are not feasible. A few days ago, Harish Rao, who is a very active person in the BRS party, said that before the congress party came to power, he would waive the loan of two lakhs to the farmers of Telangana. 

He said that he will do it within a few days after coming to power. It has already been 100 days since congress came to power. There is still no trace of them waiving the loans. He announced that if the congress party waives off two lakhs of loans to the farmers of telangana, he will resign. revanth recently said in a meeting that Harish Rao's resignation letter should be ready as he is going to waive off the loans by August.

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