Guidelines issued for the second phase in Rajasthan...

The noise of the second phase of elections to be held on 13 lok sabha seats of rajasthan will stop today (April 24). After 6 pm, candidates will be able to do only door-to-door campaigns. The State election commission has issued guidelines for the next 48 hours. There will be many types of restrictions as per the guidelines of the election Commission. election campaign activities will stop from 6 pm today for the last 48 hours.

Some guidelines issued for 48 hours

Organizing, being present, and addressing election-related public meetings or processions will be banned.

Prohibition on showcasing election-related matters through cinema, cinema, television, or other mediums.

A dry day will be declared with a ban on the sale of liquor in the polling area.

A star campaigner cannot stay in the polling area after the election campaign is over.

A political person receiving security cover from the state will not move into the area after voting.

Political advertisements can be published on print media after authentication.

District election Officer's appeal

District election Officer Dr. ravindra Goswami has appealed to the people of Kota. He said that in the national interest, all the voters along with their families should make the great festival of democracy successful by voting on 26th april from 7 am to 6 pm. The district election Officer has also appealed to all business establishments and industrial institutions to keep a half-day holiday and vote in the national interest along with themselves, their families, and their employees till 1 pm.

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