Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan contested from two seats in the last assembly elections and lost both seats. Not only him but the people who admire him, the leaders and workers of that party could not digest this failure. And after that, pawan kalyan will contest from one of those two areas in the assembly elections..? Or will he choose a different area? In such developments, Pawan announced that he will contest from pithapuram this time.

With that, people's focus was on pithapuram across the state. He is also writing all kinds of strategies with the intention of winning this time. Verma stepped in to play a major role. At present the name of varma echoes in Pithapuram. Where Pawan is, Verma stays there. He is helping him to a great extent. Recently, when pawan kalyan submitted his nomination, Varman himself brought the documents. pawan kalyan is also showering praises on Verma whenever he can.

He says that he has a bright future and will go to the highest level in politics. If Verma is not there, Pawan will not step out. Any meeting in pithapuram is held under his watch. With that, all the activists are also playing according to his tunes. Some people do not understand the fact that this is Pawan Kalyan's place. Verma is trying his best to win Pawan in pithapuram constituency.

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