We know that Mega Brother nagababu is currently a key figure in the janasena Party. He contested in the last assembly elections and lost miserably. After that loss, there were signs from the Jana Sena he would contest again. As a part of that, he wanted to contest from Anakapalli parliamentary seat of visakha district. In this regard, he also did ground work there for a long time.

For that, he stayed in that area for a week and checked the condition of the janasena and made all predictions about his victory. nagababu almost signaled that everything is fine in his ground and that he is in the ring from here. But this seat went to bjp as part of the alliance. After that, he wanted to contest from another constituency, but he could not.

With that, he withdrew from contesting the elections. But there is no backing down in supporting the younger brother and the Janasena. He has been supporting Pawan in any matter and helping him in everything. Meanwhile, nagababu recently made a post on his social media account where pawan kalyan was seen put his hand on the shoulder who looked crestfallen.

Many people are expressing the opinion that nagababu posted this photo for those who left to join other parties as well as for those who remained in the party but did not support him. However, nagababu is playing an excellent role in helping his younger brother.

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