Big 'game' after unopposed victory in Surat?

Gujarat congress on tuesday (April 23) claimed that the party candidate from surat Lok Sabha seat, Nilesh Kumbhani, is not in contact. Nilesh Kambhani's candidature was rejected due to discrepancies in the nomination papers. Now there is speculation that he may soon join the ruling bharatiya janata party (BJP). local congress workers, led by Congress' surat unit working president Dinesh Savalia, protested outside Kumbhani's locked house in the Puna Gam area, calling him a traitor and accusing him of helping the BJP. Bharatiya Janata Party's mukesh Dalal was declared elected unopposed from surat on monday after all other candidates including Bahujan Samaj party (BSP) withdrew their nominations.

Congress leader made this allegation

Congress leader Aslam Cyclewala said that Kumbhani was in contact with me till the afternoon of 21st April. After that, he switched off his phone and was no longer in touch. Today when our leader went to his house, we came to know that he had locked it and gone to some unknown place with his entire family. He did not even talk to the media after his nomination was rejected.

Cyclewala further said 'This proves that he was involved in a plan to get his nomination rejected to help the BJP. If he had been a victim, he would have spoken to the media. Instead, he ran away from behind the collector's office on Sunday. He is not in contact with any congress leader. There is speculation that he will soon join the BJP.

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