President draupadi murmu will come to shimla next month?

President draupadi murmu may visit shimla next month. His visit is proposed in shimla from May 4 to May 8. For this, the district administration is also busy with preparations at its level. Like every time, this time too the President will stay at the Rashtrapati Niwas in Mashobra. During this time, President draupadi murmu is also scheduled to visit the famous temples of Shimla. In the year 2023, draupadi murmu was on her stay in shimla from 18th april to 21st April. Here he also participated in the convocation ceremony of himachal pradesh University as the chief guest. The President also visited the Jakhu temple and had the darshan of Lord Hanuman.

'The Retreat' is the official residence of the President

The historical building of 'The Retreat' is in Mashobra, about 15 kilometers from the capital Shimla. This historical building was constructed by the raja of Koti in the year 1850. At present this historical building is used as the President's residence. There are only four Rashtrapati Niwas across the country and one of them is located in Shimla. Apart from shimla, the President's residence is located in Delhi, hyderabad and Dehradun.

In the year 1860, the Viceroy had to pay Rs 2,825.

In the year 1860, the raja of Koti had constructed this historical building. At that time there was only one floor here. In the year 1860 M.C. Commissioner Lord William took this building on lease from the raja of Koti. At that time, he had paid a huge amount of Rs 2,825 to take this building on lease. In the year 1890, two floors were built in this building. This historical building is spread over 10 thousand 628 square feet.

The viceroy lived here before the independence

Before independence, the Viceroy used to live in this historical building. He used to come here on weekends from the Viceroy Lodge building on Observatory Hill. This building of Viceroy Lodge is today known as the indian Institute of Advanced Study, which was completed in the year 1888.

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