Manmohan's statement is an old thing...

As far as supporting the Prime Minister's speech is concerned, it is a matter of loyalty. There is no account or book, whatever the leader says is the right thing. From a sociologist's point of view, the Prime Minister's statement is not factual. Yes, from the point of view of his supporters, PM Modi's statement is very explosive, which has exposed the appeasement hidden in the congress manifesto. It is very tempting for them.

However, the statement of 10 years ago is of former PM manmohan Singh. For the past 10 years now, he and the congress Party have had no contribution to policy-making. Meanwhile, the policies made by the present government, be it Ujjwala, construction of toilets, or opening of accounts, have not given any priority to Hindus, and have not deprived Muslims, whatever has been done has been done for everyone. In such a situation, there is a slight difference between what the prime minister has done and what he has said.

Polarization may occur

This could be an attempt to polarize the elections. However, what the PM should have done was to compare the 10 years of manmohan singh and the 10 years of the bjp, and analyze the manifesto of the bjp and the manifesto of Congress. It seems a bit absurd to pick up an incident from the manifesto and link it to a speech from 10 years ago. According to the studies that have come, from the Sachar Committee to the Qureshi Committee, Muslims are not ahead of Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs of india in terms of education, employment, property and employment, etc.

Manmohan Singh's government is infamous for promoting crony capitalism in India. Due to the scams that took place during his rule, his government collapsed. Anna's movement took place, and Lokpal was talked about. His statement had no basis and no impact, hence there was no need to give it much importance. Whoever holds the post of prime minister, Chief Minister, or President, they are a political person. They are expected to exercise some restraint and respect their position. If he did not exercise restraint, did not show respect, or worked as a leader of a particular party, then all decorum would be broken.

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