Tejashwi's statement 'vote for nda if not RJD'...

After the first phase of voting, now only a few days are left for the second phase of voting. Meanwhile, political rhetoric has added further heat to an already heated atmosphere. A different wind is blowing in Bihar. While addressing an election meeting in Purnia, Tejashwi Yadav even asked the public to vote for RJD candidate Bima Bharti, or vote for nda only. He was trying to make the fight two-sided because Pappu Yadav is also in the fray and there are reports of him getting a lot of support from the public. Tejashwi's gesture was towards him, although some people in the same meeting also raised slogans of Pappu Yadav Zindabad.

Tejashwi lost his temper

Misa Bharti has said something even more interesting than the strange situation that happened in Purnia's meeting. Recently in Patna, he said that india and nda are the same, both are fighting to save the country. So, the line that our party is better or different from the other party, RJD is trying to erase that line. The intention behind this effort is actually that the nationalists who vote for bjp should also start voting for them, they will get the votes that they get in the name of caste. This second segment of votes should also be given to them.

If we look at the latest situation in Bihar, 40 to 50 percent of the population is in the age group of 25 or thereabouts. They do not bend that much in the name of casteism. The vote bank that RJD had used to vote on my (Muslim and Yadav) equation. RJD is facing difficulties in the new situation. If we talk about Purnia, there are 1.5 lakh Yadav voters there. His inclination is not towards RJD, this is a cause of trouble. The second problem is due to his being a family man. We can see the same thing in UP also where there is a tendency among the leaders to consider a particular caste as their heritage. As soon as this vote bank becomes visible, they become alert. He is also jealous because no other leader should come forward in the name of Yadavs.

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