Tejashwi's statement shows frustration...

This statement shows the frustration and anger of Tejashwi Yadav. There are some satraps, like Pappu Yadav or some Kushwaha, and some Manjhi, all of them are thorny in the eyes of RJD because they make the contest from many angles. All parties have problems with Asaduddin Owaisi. Now if we look at Purnia in Seemanchal, there are a total of 18 lakh voters here.

Even if we assume half of the men and women among them, Muslim voters are around six lakhs. Yadav voters are 1.5 lakh. There are three and a half lakh Kushwaha here and those who are winning from there right now are Kushwaha leaders. So, this fight is absolutely a tough fight for RJD. The candidates who bring close to four lakh votes from here win and on paper, RJD has seven lakh votes.

The situation of the opposition is generally bad everywhere in Bihar. Especially the seats of Siwan, Chhapra, Purnia and Patliputra have left everyone breathless. RJD had its political vote bank and authority. However, in this election, the carefully constructed image of Tejashwi Yadav is falling apart. This whole matter was just a matter of throwing dust in the eyes. Tejashwi does not have a grassroots base, it was because of Lalu Prasad's release from jail and his sympathy that he won many seats in the assembly. At present, Modi's strength is not visible in the lok sabha and RJD is in deep trouble.

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