Who Is Usman Ghani? On which bjp took major action…

On wednesday (April 24), the last day of the lok sabha election campaign in Rajasthan, the bharatiya janata party (BJP) took major action and expelled Muslim leader Usman ghani from the party for six years. bjp accused Usman ghani of breaking party discipline. Disciplinary Committee Chairman Onkar Singh Lakhawat has confirmed this while issuing the order. Let us tell you that Usman ghani has been associated with the bjp since 2005 and was an ABVP worker even before joining the party. At present, Usman ghani is the President of the bjp Minority Morcha from bikaner City, but before this, he held many posts including Vice President. At present, the bjp has now suspended him from the party.

'There will be no impact on ideology'

In fact, after prime minister Narendra Modi's speech regarding the Muslim community, Usman ghani had commented in an interview expressing disagreement with it. After this, he was shown the way out of the party. According to the information, on this entire matter, Usman ghani says that he did not say anything wrong. It is everyone's right to have their own version while being in the party.

I do not agree with whatever the prime minister said regarding a particular community, because we have to work on the ground and also have to answer to the people. Usman ghani further said that he is a dedicated worker of the party and will always be so. The expulsion will not affect his dedicated ideology to the BJP. Usman ghani was recently the district president of the party Minority Morcha. And before that, he had held many positions including Vice President.

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