Deeg Road Accident: The mare and the owner dragged 100 meters…

A mare and her owner died in a vehicle collision in the Kumher police station area of the Deeg district. After the collision, the vehicle dragged the mare and the owner for 100 meters. The owner was returning from a marriage ceremony with the mare. Both died after being hit by an unknown vehicle. Passersby informed the police about the accident. The police reached the spot and kept the body of the owner in the mortuary of Kumher Hospital. The driver of the vehicle that collided has not been found.

Mare and owner die due to vehicle collision

26-year-old Bhura, resident of Gudri Mohalla, has two boys and a girl. Bhura's source of income was the mare. The family used to survive by sending the mare on rent for wedding ceremonies. Late in the night, Bhura was returning home after getting married in Pala village of Kumher police station area.

An unknown vehicle hit the owner and the mare near Supavas turned on Bharatpur Deeg Road. After the collision, the vehicle dragged both of them on the road for about 100 meters. A passerby informed the police about the accident. After receiving the information, Kumher police reached the spot. Bhura was immediately taken to Kumher Hospital. The doctor declared Bhura dead.

Traces of blood found 100 meters long on the road

There were blood stains on the road testifying to being dragged for 100 meters. Kumher police station officer Adhyatm gautam said that information was received that the mare had been killed by an unknown vehicle. Reached the spot after getting information. The mare and a person were lying injured. The injured person was immediately sent to the hospital. The doctor declared the injured Bhura dead. The police conducted the post-mortem of Bhura and handed over the body to the family members. police are searching for an unknown vehicle.

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