The target of former haryana minister Anil Vij…

Former haryana Home minister Anil Vij may be angry with his party, but he is not missing out from continuously targeting Congress. In this connection, he posted on his social media account Actually, Anil Vij cornered congress over sam Pitroda's statement on inheritance tax.

'Looking London, Talking Tokyo'

While talking to the media on Wednesday, Anil Vij also cornered rahul Gandhi regarding the congress manifesto. He said that rahul Gandhi thinks like 'looking London, talking Tokyo'. Attacking congress, Vij said that during the time of Indira Gandhi, fundamental rights were crushed by imposing an emergency. Lakhs of people were kept in jail for many months. It is not good to talk about the Constitution through the mouth of Congress. Vij said that before talking about the Constitution, remove the picture of Indira Gandhi, then we will believe that congress believes in the Constitution.

On rahul Gandhi's statement of making everyone's income equal, Anil Vij said first make my income equal to that of rahul Gandhi, the rest will be done when congress does it. Because I also work hard day and night.

Congress is under siege even after not declaring its lok sabha candidate.

At the same time, Anil Vij had also attacked the congress party for not declaring its lok sabha candidate yet. Taking a jibe at congress, he said that there is a shop in Ambala where wedding processions are available for rent, if congress does not have lok sabha candidates then they can contact this shop.

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