Sharad Pawar faction released manifesto for lok sabha elections…

NCP Sharad faction has released its manifesto for the lok sabha elections. The manifesto promises to work for women's safety. Along with this, a promise has also been made in the manifesto to reduce the price of LPG cylinders. nationalist congress party (NCP)-Sharad Chandra Pawar (SCP) has named its manifesto as "Affidavit".

What did Jayant Patil say?

NCP-SCP leader Jayant Patil said, "We are releasing our manifesto today, the issues included in the manifesto, our leaders will raise these issues in the Parliament. Our manifesto is an 'affidavit'. Inflation is rising, farmers are worried." And unemployment is at its peak."

Further, Jayant Patil said, "Issues like misuse of agencies and privatization have been increasing in the last ten years. We have already expressed our stand on all these issues. We will reduce the price of LPG gas, petrol and diesel. If we come to power, we will also work on women's reservations.

On amit Shah's statement that "Sharad Pawar should apologize for the suicides of farmers while he was the Agriculture Minister", NCP-SCP chief sharad pawar said, "Farmers' suicides have increased in the last ten years." amit shah should first tell what he has done to prevent suicides in the last ten years.'' Let us tell you here, yesterday the ajit pawar faction also released the manifesto of its party NCP.

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