What is hardik Patel doing in the gujarat lok sabha elections? 

Hardik Patel rose to prominence in 2015 by leading the Patidar movement for reservation. hardik Patel, who was in the news for his statements, is nowhere to be seen in the gujarat lok sabha elections. Questions are being raised regarding his absence during the election season. There was a time when the congress party had appointed hardik Patel as its working president and also provided him with a helicopter for campaigning during the 2019 lok sabha elections. When hardik Patel was in congress, the party made him a star campaigner.

However, times have changed and hardik Patel has become an elected bjp mla from a congress leader. Interestingly, his name is not on the list of 40-star campaigners released by Congress. Meanwhile, speculation continues regarding hardik Patel in the gujarat lok sabha elections.

There is a discussion in gujarat as to why hardik Patel, a leader who used to gather crowds with his speeches and make headlines not only in gujarat but also in other states, was not included in the list of star campaigners. Is. bjp leaders have given their arguments on this also.

BJP leaders say that hardik Patel's situation has changed after joining BJP. He was not an mla when he joined, but he is now. According to him, every bjp mla is a star campaigner of the party.

At present hardik Patel is actively campaigning for Surendranagar lok sabha seat in his assembly constituency and surrounding areas. Whether his name is on the list or not, he keeps campaigning. The decision not to include him in the list of star campaigners is the party's decision, but hardik is a party member.

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