As the elections approach, parties in andhra pradesh are unveiling their manifestos to sway voters. YS jagan Mohan Reddy's manifesto is highly anticipated, given the success of Congress's manifesto with 6 guarantees in karnataka and Telangana. Meanwhile, Chandrababu has introduced the Super Six manifesto and plans to incorporate additional points suggested by Jana Sena.

Currently, the jagan Mohan Reddy's government is implementing schemes worth forty five thousand crore rupees, leaving little room for the introduction of new initiatives. There are doubts about jagan Mohan Reddy's  stance on loan waivers, as indicated by a recent incident at a pro-YCP influencer meeting.

Chandrababu promises pension increases for the disabled, offering 4000 rupees and 6000 rupees respectively, a move contrasting Jagan's previous manifesto pledges. To counter this, jagan may need to highlight pension schemes in his manifesto to avoid Chandrababu's agenda taking precedence.

Chandrababu also proposes direct cash transfers to women, a strategy that contrasts with Jagan's existing scheme of annual payments. It remains uncertain if jagan will introduce superior schemes to Chandrababu's Super Six, potentially affecting budget allocations. Overall, the contents of Jagan's manifesto are eagerly awaited, with voters keen to see how it will address key issues and compete with Chandrababu's proposals.

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