Cabinet minister Babulal Kharadi is in the news...

After the bjp government came to power in Rajasthan, Babulal Kharadi, who became mla from Jhadol assembly of Udaipur, was included in the cabinet for the fourth time. He was made the Tribal Minister. After this, minister Kharadi has remained in discussions through different mediums. Now a video of his has surfaced in which he is seen dancing. The viral video is said to be of a wedding ceremony in the tribal area of Jhadol assembly.

‘He came into limelight with his statements and dancing on the cot’

Minister Babulal Kharadi came into the limelight mainly through two mediums after becoming the minister. Firstly, after the formation of chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma's government, the first meeting was held in Bujhra area of Udaipur. In his address in this meeting, he had said that if you produce many children, the prime minister will get your house built. Secondly, when he had gone to the annual function of a school in the tribal area. There, the minister danced among the children while sitting on a cot (cot) and tossing them in the air. Whose video also went viral.

Danced while singing a song in a wedding program

Actually, Babulal Kharadi was on his assembly tour. Reached Chhapar, a village in the assembly constituency. A wedding ceremony was going on here. In this program, minister Babulal Kharadi sang a folk song and danced along with it. Mandava program was going on in the wedding ceremony i.e. the program of feeding the guests. In this, minister Kharadi sang a song on behalf of the maternal side which is according to the tribal tradition. Let us tell you that Babulal Kharadi still lives in the Keluposh house. He has this well-furnished house in a small village in the most remote Kotra tehsil of Udaipur. When the time of sowing comes, he does farming in his field.

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