Now 'Eco Tourism Destination' for foreign guests in Rajasthan!!!

Rajasthan which is a tourism hub. Lakhs of tourists come here to see the heritage, beauty of Aravali and jungle lake. Most tourists reach jaipur and then Udaipur. Now the Forest Department is preparing to create more than 100 eco-tourism destinations in Rajasthan. In this, maximum destinations will be prepared in jaipur and Udaipur. Its primary has been started. Let us tell you that now tourists also prefer to go to such places instead of cities. Where you are amidst calm environment and nature. In such a situation, this destination will give a new feeling to the tourists.

10 eco-tourism destinations will be built in jaipur and Udaipur.

According to media reports, more than 100 eco-tourism destinations will be built in different districts. There are many places where tourists are already coming, who will get new experiences here. Maximum eco tourism destinations will be made in jaipur and udaipur, their number is 10 each. Talking about udaipur, the destination that has been selected is around water bodies and dense forests. Where some tourists go and spend their time. Now they are being linked to eco-tourism in which tourists will benefit greatly.

Included in the famous destination list of Udaipur

Some of the tourist places selected in udaipur are already famous. One of which is Baghdada Nature Park. There is a naturally occurring pond of crocodiles here. Camping takes place here for which tents are installed. Apart from this, Dhuni Mata Temple, Baki Farm Haunting House, Ubeshwar Mahadev Temple, Kalka Mata Dense Forest Area, Jhameshwar Temple, Kamalnath Temple, Khokhriya Naal, Naal Sandol etc. are situated amidst the dense forest. All these areas are covered with hills and dense forests. Apart from these, the nurseries of the Forest Department will also be developed in a similar manner.

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