Tempo Union will boycott the vote…

The members of Tempo Union have announced to boycott the vote in Gamharia Block cum Zonal office premises located in Saraikela district of Jharkhand. Members of the Educated Unemployed Tempo drivers Union, Kolhan Division, demonstrated strongly in the zonal office premises from Gamharia block on Sunday. Executive President Umesh Singh alias Radhey said that a tempo driver of his union has died, but even after that his family is being continuously tortured by the finance people. Even after death, family members are being asked to pay the installments or return the vehicle.

‘The minister or no one listens to his problems’

Umesh Singh alias Radhey said that they provide every facility to the passengers. They also provide emergency facilities, but since the Corona period, no minister or leader has come to see them. Tempo drivers are forced to live a miserable life. All the documents of the vehicle remain OK. Even though you have a license, you still have to face the bumps of the road. If any minister or leader comes, the tempo drivers have to eat the stick. No one is going to look at them.

Umesh Singh said that private cars are financed at 7% interest, but tempo is financed at 15% interest. There is no stand or pause for them. They are made vote bank only at the time of voting, hence it has been thought that this time they will boycott the vote and will not vote for any party and will completely boycott the vote. During this time, apart from ajay Yadav, Vinod Jha, Sanjay, dozens of tempo drivers were present on the spot.                                                                                                                                                                               

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