Vikramaditya's taunt on kangana, 'Enjoy valleys and then...'

Congress candidate from Mandi seat of Himachal Pradesh, vikramaditya Singh has once again taken a dig at his rival BJP's kangana ranaut for shooting films. vikramaditya Singh said that after finishing the campaign, he should go to mumbai again and shoot because he does not want to come back here.

Vikramaditya said about kangana, "I wish her all the best." Now it is the 12th. 13 days of campaign are left. Enjoy the beautiful valleys of shimla and Kullu and go back to mumbai and then shoot your films. Because they don't have to come back here. ,

Kangana has no vision - Vikramaditya

Minister vikramaditya said, "Here she is coming among the people and saying strange things." There is no vision and no thinking. We have kept a clear vision. We have set a vision for development work. We have done our job earlier also.'' vikramaditya is continuously attacking kangana on the issue that she will go to shoot the film after the elections. He even challenged her to write in an affidavit that she would leave her film career.

Vikramaditya repeatedly raised questions on Kangana's candidature

On the other hand, kangana ranaut is also attacking Congress. He has asked the question to congress that why india has not been declared a Hindu nation after independence and we will work to make india a Hindu nation. Let us tell you that after the announcement of Kangana's candidature, vikramaditya had asked the question that where was kangana ranaut when the disaster struck Himachal. Did he send any support from mumbai to Himachal? vikramaditya has been claiming that after the elections she will go back to mumbai and get busy shooting.

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