Why did cm Dr. Mohan Yadav returned to Bhopal?

Voting took place today in madhya pradesh for the last phase of lok sabha elections and the fourth phase in the country. Since the implementation of the code of conduct, the chief minister of the state, Dr. Mohan Yadav was busy in the entire state and was campaigning, election meetings, Rath Yatra, road shows on different seats. cm Dr. Mohan Yadav arrived with his family members and voted. After voting, cm Dr. Mohan Yadav came to the capital Bhopal and met the media at the state bjp office, during which state bjp President VD Sharma was also present.

'Left the field in front'

CM Dr. Mohan Yadav, in response to the questions of media persons, said that if maximum voting is taking place anywhere in the country, it is taking place only in Madhya Pradesh. Long lines of sisters are seen at the polling stations. This line is visible because the congress has to settle its account of all the abuses. Regarding low voting in indore, cm Dr. Mohan Yadav said that I am a wrestler of the arena, if there is a candidate in front, I will tell my bets. There is no wrestler in front, that is why the problem is coming. Only the field in front was left. cm said that according to the reports so far, bjp will win in indore with the maximum number of votes.

'Other states will learn from Madhya Pradesh'

CM Dr. Mohan Yadav said that this time during the voting process, innovations have taken place in the entire state. Holding a lottery to increase the voting percentage at the polling station. This is also an innovation of the election Commission. With this, more and more voters will come to cast their vote, they will come first. cm said that take the vote percentage figures of the entire country and take the figures of our Madhya Pradesh. madhya pradesh is at the forefront in terms of voting percentage. cm said that through these innovations, other states of the country will also learn how to increase the vote percentage.

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