CM Mohan sought blessings for victory, then voted…

Before voting in the lok sabha elections, chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav reached the Hanuman ji temple located near the bjp office. Taking the blessings of Lord Shri Ganesha in the temple, he presented mace to Pawan's son Hanuman ji and trident to Mahadev. During this time the Chief Minister's family members were also present with him. After taking blessings of God, the chief minister reached the polling station located at Sindhi Dharamshala to cast his vote.

CM presented mace to Hanumanji and trident to Bholenath.

CM Dr. Mohan Yadav has been going for Dev Darshan every time before voting. He never forgets to seek blessings at the Hanuman temple located in front of the bjp office. Even on Monday, before voting, he reached Hanuman temple with his wife Seema Yadav, where he offered prayers as per rituals. During this he offered mace to Hanuman ji. After this, he also worshiped in the temple of Bholenath located in the campus and offered water to God. During this, he also offered Damru and Trishul to God. After this he directly reached Sindhi Dharamshala and voted. cm Mohan Yadav has also claimed victory on all 29 seats in the state.

Trishul and mace are offered to fulfill wishes

According to astrologer Pandit amar Dibbs Wala, Pawan's son Hanuman's weapon is mace and Bholenath's weapon is trident. He also likes Damru very much. If God's favorite arms, weapons and other things are offered to him, he becomes pleased and blesses him to fulfill his wishes. There are 108 ancient temples of Pawanputra in the city of Lord Mahakal, while Mahadev is present here in the form of Mahakal. Therefore, in the city of Mahakal, offering mace to Hanuman and trident to Bholenath has great significance.

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