After the formation of a separate telangana state, the BRS party took power in the state twice. But even though all the leaders of that party strongly believed that they will win the third term and score a hat-trick, in the end the people of telangana sided with the Congress. As a result, the BRS party had to settle for the opposition status. But once the BRS came into the opposition or not, the party had to face a dire situation in the end.

  Once when kcr was in power and sitting as cm, how did congress MLAs get included in BRS and made no opposition.. Now cm Revanth reddy is also doing the same. For some time now, the key leaders of the Karu party have succeeded in getting everyone involved. However, it has become a sensation that key leaders like komati reddy Venkata reddy are already making comments saying that around 25 Karu party MLAs are going to join the congress party after the parliament elections. Political analysts are predicting that there is a risk of BRS becoming completely empty in the coming days.

  In the wake of such developments, the comments made by telangana BJP's key leader Laxman recently became a sensation. kcr once promised that BRS was not merged with congress out of thirst for power, but seeing the current situation, kcr will soon merge Rose party with Congress. BRS is now a dead snake. The car is not likely to come from the garage. There is no situation to sell the car even in scrap. bjp will emerge as a powerful party in Telangana. Laxman's comments saying that the merger of BRS with the congress is certain has led to a new debate in telangana politics.

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