The BRS party, which came to power twice after the formation of a separate telangana state, is confident that it will win the 2023 assembly elections and score a hat-trick. But people gave an unexpected verdict. BRS, which had taken power twice, was given the status of opposition and congress was brought to power. BRS has lost its power after failing to win majority seats in the assembly elections. Then there was the situation of having to deal with confusion.

  As all the key leaders of the party also got down from the car and reached Hasta Guti, there was a doubt among many people that the BRS would be empty. However, the BRS party, which lost in the assembly elections, took the parliamentary elections very seriously. However, in view of the chaotic situation in the party, there were criticisms that the Rose party would win at least one seat. Amidst such situations, KCR's bus trip brought new momentum to the party.

  The leadership of the party has also calculated that the success of the Rose party in medak, secunderabad and nagar kurnool segments is guaranteed. But there is talk in political circles that cross-voting will eventually hurt the Karu party. All the voters who were dissatisfied with the Rose party also sided with the congress in the assembly elections. But when the congress comes to power, it will do the same as BRS did in the past.. And those who are against the Hastam party will eventually turn to the BJP. Analysts' predictions are also creating a stir in BRS.

  The leaders who were in the BRS party in the past and became dominant and won. Now they are contesting after leaving the party and getting a ticket from the congress party. However, since the fight between congress and bjp in this election was fierce, the voters also took light of BRS and are ready to vote for other leaders of their own party. And such developments are causing concern in BRS. Like this, in secunderabad, nagar kurnool, Peddapally and medak segments, cross-voting is causing confusion in Karu party, which is confident of our victory.

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