Which party is going to take power in Andhra this time and where is the same thing being discussed? The ruling ysr congress party is confident that their party will once again come into the ruling. However, Chandrababu, who wanted to make jagan mad under any circumstances, used all his political experience and went ahead by allying with the janasena BJP parties. jagan tried hard to take the government's failures to the people.

  However, it is known that the elections have come and many survey reports are also becoming a hot topic. But although some surveys say that the alliance will be successful, most of the surveys do not say that Jagan's party is going to win power in Andhra for the second time. However, the survey reports said that jagan is going to become the cm for the second time even though some seats have decreased compared to the past. But recently the polling process has also ended. Some tense situations also took place here and there. The results are going to be released on 4th June.

  But now what is in the minds of the leaders of the respective parties has become a hot topic. According to the current information, a news saying that this is the prediction of cm jagan in this assembly election has gone viral. While analysts are predicting that the ysr congress party is likely to win 115 to 125 seats, jagan is confident that he will win more seats. jagan told his friends that there was a positive vote towards YCP.. Sympathy votes were also cast as three parties combined to target YCP. On the other hand, it is said that old women lined up at the polling stations to vote for YCP. That is why the polling process went on even after the night had passed. jagan told close friends that YSRCP will win up to 150 of the total 175 seats.

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