Rahul Gandhi's Response to 'When Are You Getting Married'?

Congress leader rahul gandhi was caught in a peculiar situation on monday where he had to answer the most asked question – When is he getting married? gandhi, who initially tried to avoid the question, on the insistence of his sister and congress leader priyanka gandhi Vadra, who was accompanying him, said, “Ab jald hi karni padegi (will have to get married soon now).” The situation unfolded during a political rally which rahul gandhi, congress candidate from Raebareli lok sabha Constituency for 2024 lok sabha Poll, and his sister priyanka gandhi Vadra, addressed in Uttar Pradesh’s Bachhrawan town of Raebareli district. While the rally was on, a girl from the crowd, during an interactive session, asked him when is he getting married.

Stumbled over the question, the gandhi scion initially tried to avoid it and began admiring her sister for the hard work and pain she was taking for her brother. “So far I have done around 70 to 80 meetings. But this one was different, I have never seen so much excitement among the people. I am overwhelmed and it feels like I am at home. And I must mention that this is my sister, she is campaigning for me, shedding her blood and sweat for me,” said gandhi while calling his sister on the dais.

However, Priyanka, who smiled at her brother’s attempt to avoid the personal but much anticipated question, held his hand and insisted that he should answer the girl first. The gandhi scion smiled and said, “batao bhai kya sawaal hai (Now tell me what’s the question).” The girl repeated her question, to which gandhi greeted the girl with a broad smile and said, “ab jald hi karni padegi (will have to do it soon now).” people at the rally and the congress leaders on the dais burst into laughter over Gandhi’s response as he blushed.

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