'If you press lotus, I will go to jail...', Arvind Kejriwal...

Delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal is continuously campaigning after getting bail. Meanwhile, today cm kejriwal reached Kurukshetra, haryana for election campaign, where he fiercely targeted BJP. During the road show in Kurukshetra, haryana, arvind kejriwal said, "I have got 20 days' time to campaign. It was a miracle from god that I got bail to campaign. If you people press the lotus button, I will be jailed again." I will have to go. If you press the broom button, I will not go to jail."

Taking aim at bjp, cm kejriwal said, "The delhi Police, which comes under the central government, had put nails in the way of the farmers of Haryana. They misbehaved with our wrestler daughters. The people of haryana are not wearing bangles. They will answer this. arvind kejriwal made a big claim and said, "BJP is losing in this lok sabha election. bjp is not getting more than 230 seats. Modi government is not coming back."

During the rally he said, "Today I am leaving with a guarantee to you. I have fulfilled the guarantee I had given in Delhi. He said that the first guarantee is that the indian coalition government will be formed on june 4. The second guarantee will be 24 hours in the entire country. I will arrange electricity and free electricity for the poor." arvind kejriwal said that he will build excellent government schools in every village across the country. I will make such schools that you will be taken out of private schools and will get admission in government schools.

Mohalla clinics will be built in every village across the country. We will build the best government civil hospitals in every district and will provide absolutely free treatment to every citizen born in this country. He said that this is real nation building. arvind kejriwal said that with this we will bring back the land that china and pakistan have occupied. Also, whatever candidates go to Agniveer, they will be confirmed and then they will be recruited regularly. Apart from this, old pension scheme will be implemented for government employees.

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