CM arvind kejriwal gave guarantees in Haryana...

The publicity work for the lok sabha elections is going on at a fast pace in Haryana. Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party's national convenor and delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal reached Kurukshetra in haryana on tuesday (May 14). While conducting a road show in Pehowa, Kurukshetra, delhi cm appealed to vote for his party's candidates. During this time he tried to reach out to every section of the society including farmers, youth and women. cm kejriwal mentioned giving guarantees to the people. Aam Aadmi Party's national convenor and cm arvind kejriwal appealed to vote in favor of the india alliance, citing free electricity for the poor, construction of good government schools and hospitals.

Electricity guarantee

While campaigning in Kurukshetra, haryana in view of the lok sabha elections, cm arvind kejriwal promised to provide 24-hour electricity to the entire country. He said that he will provide free electricity to the poor. He assured that we know how to fulfill the guarantee and we have fulfilled it in delhi and Punjab.

Guarantee of education

Delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal promised to build good schools in every village across the country. He said that we will build world class schools and remove all the children from private schools and send them to government schools.

Health guarantee

While campaigning for AAP candidate Sushil Gupta in Kurukshetra, haryana, cm arvind kejriwal promised to provide better health facilities across the country. He said that Mohalla Clinic will be opened in every village and locality of the country. Talked about opening multi specialty hospitals in every district of the country. Also promised to provide free treatment, tests and operations to every person.

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