3 giant pythons came out after tearing the roof of the house

Recently such a video is going viral on social media which can leave everyone in awe.Have you ever thought that when you are sleeping at night and suddenly a snake or python comes into your room, what will be your reaction? Recently, a similar video has surfaced which will leave you stunned. The video is going viral very fast on social media, in which three giant pythons can be seen hidden in the ceiling of the roof of a house.

In the video, people of the rescue team break the ceiling of the house to rescue the python, then something happens which will give you goosebumps.In this video you can see that when a member of the rescue team breaks the ceiling of the house, suddenly due to the presence of 3 pythons there, the roof collapses and falls down. The rescue team and the people present nearby also get scared after seeing 3 pythons hidden in the ceiling.

This scary video has been shared on social media by an ex-user and has been viewed more than 20 million times so far. This video is said to be from malaysia which had gone viral some time ago.

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