Bishnoi community can forgive salman Khan!!!

These days salman khan is in the news regarding the firing case outside his Galaxy apartment. Now there is news about the actor that Bishnoi society is ready to forgive him. Let us tell you that recently salman Khan's ex-girlfriend and actress Somi ali had appealed to the Bishnoi community to forgive the actor. Actually, in the year 1998, salman khan had hunted black deer during the shooting of the film. Now after 27 years, National President of All india Bishnoi Mahasabha Devendra Budia has said that his society is ready to forgive salman Khan.

Bishnoi community will forgive salman khan on this condition

A statement from Bishnoi Samaj President Devendra Budiya has come out. In this he says- 'The apology given by Somi ali does not matter. In this way, earlier rakhi sawant had also apologized. But the accused, salman khan, should himself propose to the society that he wants to apologise. Then he should come in front of the temple and apologize and the society can forgive him.

President of Bishnoi community told the rules

Budiya further said - 'One of our 29 rules is 'forgiving heart'. In this, our great Mahants, Sadhus, leaders, prominent Panchs and youth of Bishnoi community can all think together and forgive them. But they will have to come in front of the temple and take an oath that they will never do such a wrong thing and they will always protect the environment and wildlife. If this happens then it can be considered.

lawrence Bishnoi had threatened to kill because of this

Let us tell you that due to the resentment of Bishnoi community in the black buck hunting case, lawrence Bishnoi had threatened to kill salman Khan. After some time, lawrence also asked salman khan to apologize to the Bishnoi community.

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