Generally poor people need some financial help to become rich. Many send their children to work without money or education. Due to this, those children also remain like poor people. If the education system is available to them and the government provides money to educate the children, their situation can change. Children can get jobs in big companies if they study, which can earn them money. In this way the poor can become rich. jagan is providing that opportunity to the people of andhra pradesh state.

  parents are encouraged to enroll their children in school through Amma Odi scheme. Schools are being developed well and teachers are also taking steps to deliver lessons well. Providing all kinds of financial assistance to the poor and middle class people, they are paving the way for the future generations. students are being trained to become fluent in english at an early age. Tabs provide access to more information. jagan is doing a lot of good to the people of the state through welfare schemes.

Chandrababu could not bring such a revolutionary change. Jagan's students, elderly women, patients are still helping each and every person in some way. The Chief Ministers of other states are also expected to repeat this good policy of Jagan. But only if jagan wins the election this time, other people will show interest in implementing the concept of these welfare schemes. If Chandrababu wins, no one will want to implement such programs. It can be said that this causes a very big risk. Because in the future no one will have a chance to get welfare schemes.

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