Major twist..! kamma Votes are definitely for Babu..!?

- 90% of the votes in kamma are in the account of the alliance..!

- Their target is to make Babu the CM.

- A rush of words around the name of Amaravati..?

Which social class won in the elections held in AP? Which social class favored which type of polling? Things became interesting. The main topic to be discussed in this is kamma social class. The votes of this category fell to the tdp in the last 2019 elections. But, when it comes to the current elections, there are speculations that the tdp will be favored. There are many reasons for this. The amaravati affair primarily steered the kamma social class in a stronger direction. This class is determined to make Amara Vati their capital. There is no doubt about it. However, jagan denied this, three capitals put forward the proposal. The kamma class did not agree to this. Do they have land in this area? He said that it is being set up with world-class infrastructure. With this, the kamma class has high hopes for this. Moreover, there was a large-scale campaign that the employment and education sectors would develop. Now, the second reason is to put Chandrababu in jail for 53 days. Although it affected other social classes, none were affected as much as the kamma caste. That's why.. everyone is cursing on the roads like nowhere else.

With this influence, rather than making tdp win, the intention to make Chandrababu the chief minister was clear. There is no doubt in saying that the votes of the kamma class have been lost. However.. the point here is.. their votes are less than 6 percent. In the last 2019 electionsthe majority of votes fell to the cycle. Even now, even 90 percent of votes are expected to fall to TDP. And to what extent this will benefit tdp, we have to see.

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