Flight Delay, No Refreshments...

Angry over flight delay and no food and beverages, passengers at Gujarat’s rajkot International airport were seen engaging in a verbal spat with the staff members of an airline earlier this week. Videos of the chaos are now doing the rounds on the internet. The dispute took place on monday after an indigo Rajkot-Mumbai flight was delayed for more than two and a half hours amid unavailability of refreshments.

According to reports, the Rajkot-Mumbai flight was to depart at 7.40 pm but was eventually canceled due to bad weather, resulting in anger among passengers who had to wait for over two-and-a-half hours before the indigo announced the cancellation.

The woman took to social media to express her frustration and highlight the distressing situation that she and other passengers experienced during a significant flight delay. swati Singh recounted her experience of being stranded at the airport for several hours due to the delay of their indigo flight. In her complaint, she also mentioned that diabetic passengers were forced to eat sugary food to manage their condition while coping with the inconvenience caused by the delay.

“Another flight delayed by indigo, diabetic patients forced to eat sugary food to keep up with the inconvenience. The manager’s answer is ‘We have no option’. Why is the aviation ministry not putting penalties on big corporations like indigo airlines when the common man is suffering?” she wrote in her post.

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