Jana Sena wants to own the vote bank of the Kapu social class..!?

- Kapu youth are all after Pawan. 

- Guards who favored alliance with Pawan Rajyadhikaram sentiment

-Youths are saying that they are voting for Pawan.

Whether the Kapula vote bank is made crucial in the state or not, the Kapula vote bank is the most important for the Jana Sena. It is estimated that their vote bank in the state is more than 25 percent. Where does the majority vote bank fall in this? is the question. The reason is that, apart from influencing the Kapu social class, the Jana Sena wants to own the vote bank of that class. Although not mentioned above, Pawan practiced.. even followed.. the same formula as Kapu. Even if he gives a ticket to the balija social class in Tirupati.. in other constituencies also.. even if the same formula is implemented.. his strategy is to turn the people belonging to the Kapu social class. Moreover, Pawan also heard the word of Rajyadhikaram for the Kapulas before the elections. Also, by questioning whether Kapu youth should be sacrificed, they influenced that class.

Now, the election is over. And where are the Kapu voters? is the question. There are two sides to this kind of vote bank. One is the elders and old people who think consistently and vote. Those who are above 50 years. These youths are saying that they are voting for Pawan. Depending on this, how much did the Jana Sena get in the 25 percent or 20 percent vote bank? It became interesting. According to the current estimates, only 50-60 percent of the vote bank has fallen to him. It is being discussed that the rest of the vote bank has fallen in favor of YCP. However, there are also speculations that this may not be good for Pawan. However, it is a fact that the keepers have made an impact.

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