Supreme court enraged over uttarakhand Forest fire said

Uttarakhand Forest Fire: The supreme court has said that Uttarakhand's attitude in controlling forest fires has been disappointing. Also, the court has ordered the Chief Secretary of uttarakhand to appear in person.

Uttarakhand Forest Fire: The massive fire that has been raging in the forests of uttarakhand for several weeks is not coming under control. Due to the recent rains, the fires have been extinguished at some places, but most of the forests are still burning badly. On this situation, the supreme court on wednesday strongly reprimanded the Central and uttarakhand governments. The court described the attitude of the uttarakhand government in controlling the fire as disappointing and expressed surprise that despite a terrible fire in the forests, instead of controlling it, forest employees were deployed on election duty. The supreme court has expressed extreme displeasure with the Central and State Governments over issues ranging from lack of funds for fire control to vacant posts in the Forest Department. Also stated is the need to find a solution. The supreme court has ordered the Chief Secretary of uttarakhand to appear in person on May 17 with answers to all these questions.

Fire broke out at more than 1,000 places since November

According to the data presented before the supreme court, more than 1,000 cases of forest fires have been registered in uttarakhand since november last year. Even at present, there is forest fire at more than a hundred places in the state, due to which property worth lakhs of rupees has been damaged. However, the state government claims that the area affected by the fire is only 0.1% of the total forest area of the state. Let us tell you that 45% of the state of uttarakhand is covered with forests.

'Government's attitude towards fire is sad'

In the supreme court on wednesday, the bench of Justice BR Gavai, Justice SVN Bhatti and Justice sandeep Mehta heard the petitions related to the fire in Uttarakhand. The bench said, 'We are very sad to say that Uttarakhand's attitude in controlling forest fires is very disappointing. Action plans regarding fire in uttarakhand were prepared and finalized, but they could not be implemented.

'Why not given enough funds'

The bench also strongly reprimanded the central government. The court expressed surprise that when the state asked for a grant of Rs 10 crore to deal with the fire, the Center sent only Rs 3.15 crore. The bench asked the question to the Central government, 'Why have adequate funds not been provided?' The court expressed displeasure over the use of forest personnel for election duty even when there was a fire in the forests of the state. The bench had also raised questions on the election duty of forest personnel during the hearing before voting on april 19 in the state.

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