Sachin Tendulkar's security guard commits suicide, uses government gun

A soldier deployed in the security of Sachin Tendulkar, known as the god of Cricket, has shot himself with a government gun and committed suicide.

An SRPF jawan deployed for the security of former indian cricket team legend Sachin Tendulkar committed suicide. Officials have given this information on wednesday i.e. 15th May. However, the name of the deceased soldier is said to be Prakash Kapde. Kapade had gone to his hometown on leave, where he shot himself with a government gun. These soldiers were also deployed in the security of Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the god of Cricket.

Why did Kapad commit suicide?

The age of SRPF jawan Prakash Kapade is said to be 39 years. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the neck with a government gun. Prakash is a resident of Jamner city and had gone to his home on leave. His family consists of elderly parents, his wife and two minor children. Apart from this, a brother and another member live in the house. Giving this information, Jamner Senior police Inspector kiran Shinde said that this incident took place on wednesday, May 15 at 1.30 pm. However, it is not yet known why he committed suicide.

Kiran Shinde told IANS, "From the preliminary investigation it seems that Prakash Kapade has taken this step due to some personal reasons. But we are continuously investigating and finding out the truth. Kapade's body has also been sent for postmortem. Has been given and Jamner police has also registered the report of the accident and is also interrogating his family members, friends and acquaintances.

SRPF can conduct independent investigation

Let us tell you that SRPF can also conduct its own independent investigation. Because when Prakash Kapade committed suicide, the soldiers were deployed for VVIP security. However, it is expected that SRPF will conduct its own independent investigation. At the same time, the police has also come into action regarding this case and is busy in completing its investigation as soon as possible.

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