Pakistan's Richest Face Published by dubai Unlocked..!?

The investments of Pakistanis who own millions of properties in dubai are staggering. Although the list of factors disrupting the economy of India's neighbor pakistan, which is stuck in economic problems due to lack of cash, is long, the name dubai Unlocked has now been added to it. In pakistan, where money is scarce even for basic expenses, high-profile individuals have reportedly bought properties worth billions in Dubai.

It is ironic that a report titled dubai Unlocked appeared in the same newspaper as the news that the poor could not afford to eat two meals a day and that people were rioting because of rising inflation.

Because the people of pakistan may be poor and the country is said to be going to the bottom economically. The dubai Leaks reveal that top officials of this poor country like politicians, bureaucrats, army officers, and police officers, own properties worth crores of rupees in Dubai. A significant number of prominent Pakistanis have amassed properties in the posh area of Dubai. These are the leaked details from the report, part of the details uncovered in OCCRP's 'Dubai Unlocked' initiative. The dubai Unlocked report exposes details related to the assets of individuals from various sectors including politics, military, banking, and administration. The leaked data suggests that there are 23,000 properties registered in the names of Pakistanis. With the global media coverage of this "Dubai Unlocked" initiative, the root of Pakistan's problems has now come to light. Key information from an investigation into the background of the owners of millions of properties in dubai, led by the Center for Advanced Security Studies (C4ADS), has been made available to international media channels.

Pakistanis identified in the asset leaks include the families of President Asif ali Zardari, Hussain Nawaz Sharif, Interior minister Mohsin Naqvi's wife, Sharjeel Memon, senator Faisal Vawda, and numerous legislators from Sindh and balochistan assemblies. The list includes the names of late General Pervez Musharraf, former prime minister Shaukat Aziz, retired army generals, a high-ranking police officer, a Pakistani ambassador, and a scientist. Among those who own properties ranging from luxury villas to studio apartments, Interior minister Mohsin Naqvi's wife's name stands out because the luxury bungalow she owns in Dubai is not mentioned in her nomination papers.

Also, this dubai Unlock reveals that individuals like Altaf Khanani Network, known for money laundering, and Dr. Hamid Mukhtar Shah, who are involved in crime, have properties in Dubai. The data reveals properties ranging from compact studio apartments to six-bedroom luxury villas in prime locations such as dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, and Palm Jumeirah. The leaked data includes more than 23,000 properties owned by Pakistanis, providing details of Pakistanis' offshore real estate wealth. While these data do not indicate financial malpractice, no one can deny that there is an underlying motive for it. One question is why the politicians do not mention the property details in their election affidavits.

Pakistan's Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) considers this a major step forward in fighting tax evasion. Despite efforts to regularize and recover the assets covered in this report, inquiries regarding dubai Unlocked have not been forthcoming from Dubai. Pakistan's 17,000 richest people own a total of 23,000 properties in Dubai. The total value of these assets is more than $12.5 billion (about 34.5 trillion Pakistani rupees). It is noteworthy that currently, Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves are only 22 billion Pakistani rupees. 

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