Why is there no talk of BJP's guarantee - Chavan?

prithviraj said that there is talk of Modi's guarantee, there is no talk of BJP's guarantee. There has been talk of party guarantee in any election till date. There has been no talk of guarantees of Nehru, Indira and Atal. Modi ji is trying to show that the country cannot run without him. At the same time, Chavan further cornered PM Modi on the issue of age cap of 75 years and said, "You removed Advani and murli manohar Joshi. You tell me that I had made the rules that bjp leaders will retire at 75 years. You tell me." That you will not continue in office after 75 years.

Regarding BJP's goal of making the country the third largest economy, prithviraj said, "If the economy had grown at the same pace during the manmohan singh government, we would have been at third position today." Modi government does not have money and is taking loans. If the loan is not enough then they are selling the companies. They ask congress what they have made but they are selling and eating what congress has made.

PM Modi scared of Kejriwal's question- prithviraj Chavan

On PM Modi's claim that he is exposing the corrupt, prithviraj said, 'This dictatorship is not working against corruption by sending kejriwal to jail. Why are they stopping him from campaigning? kejriwal had asked a direct question on Modi's connection with Adani, but he could not answer that is why kejriwal was put in jail and stopped from election campaign. When he came out, see what an explosion happened. PM Modi got scared by his questions.

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