'How guarantee cards are being distributed from house to house' 

When ec sent notice, congress got angry

Lok Sabha elections 2024: Preparations are going on for the fifth phase of voting for the lok sabha elections in the country. Meanwhile, congress seems to be in trouble. Notice has been sent to congress leaders by the election Commission.

Lok Sabha elections 2024: Four phases of voting have taken place for the lok sabha elections (Loksabha chunav 2024), and the fifth phase of voting is to be held on May 20. But before that, Congress's troubles seem to be increasing. Notices have been sent to many congress leaders by the election Commission. Many of these leaders are also candidates for the lok sabha elections 2024.

Election Commission sent notice

The election commission has sent a notice to the congress candidates on distributing the congress Guarantee Card door-to-door. Section 171 criminal case has been mentioned in the notice sent by the election Commission. According to the election commission, notice under Section 171 has been sent to the congress candidates as they were distributing guarantee cards from door to door.

Congress hit back

Countering this, congress said that the election commission is imposing criminal charges against our candidates so that the membership of the winning leader can be rejected. Before this, the election commission has also alerted congress President mallika Arjun Kharge. In fact, the election commission had advised mallika Arjun Kharge to avoid controversial statements.

Questions were raised on the election Commission

Mallika arjun Kharge had written a letter to the leaders of india Alliance on the voting figures. In this letter he had raised questions on the election Commission. He had said that the credibility of the election commission is at an all-time low. He also shared this letter on his ex account.

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