'India is on the moon and our children are in the gutter.'

Pakistani leader Syed mustafa Kamal exposes pakistan in Parliament

A speech by Pakistani leader Syed mustafa Kamal is going viral, in which he has praised india a lot. In the video he is seen saying, 'India has gone to the moon and our children are dying in the gutter.'

The sound of India's progress is being heard all over the world. Many countries are praising india for this, in such a situation, india is also being praised for its progress in Pakistan. A video of Pakistani leader Syed mustafa Kamal is going viral on social media, in which he is seen praising India.

In the video, Pakistani leaders say that 'the world is going to the moon and innocent children in pakistan are dying by falling into open gutters. On the same screen there is news that india has gone to the moon and after 2 seconds on the same screen there is news that a child died after falling into the gutter in Karachi due to the absence of a drain cover. This news has been coming every third day for the last 15 years.

Syed mustafa Kamal also raised his voice in parliament regarding the water shortage in Karachi. He says that 'Karachi is the revenue engine of Pakistan. There are two ports here and both are in Karachi. In a way, this is the gateway to the entire country. For the last 15 years, Karachi is not getting fresh water, whatever water is coming, it is being stolen and sold to the tanker mafia.

MQM-P party member Kamal, citing a report, says that 'about 70 lakh children are not going to school in Sindh province and at the national level this figure is 2.6 crore.' He further said that 'we have 48 There are thousands of schools, but a report shows that out of these, 11 thousand schools are ghost schools, i.e. lying vacant. The leaders of the country should not lose sleep over the fact that 2.62 crore children in the country and 70 lakh in Sindh are not able to go to school. Syed mustafa Kamal has also shared the video of his speech on social media platform X.

This statement of the Pakistani leader has come after the statement of another senior leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman, in which he had said that 'Today india is dreaming of becoming a superpower and we are begging to avoid bankruptcy. '


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