Murder committed over car parking dispute, IT manager brutally crushed by neighbour

Gurugram Crime: murder committed over car parking dispute, IT manager brutally crushed by neighbor.In Gurugram, an IT manager's neighbor crushed him to death with a car over a parking dispute. A case has been registered in this matter with the police.

A surprising news is coming out from Gurugram, Haryana. Where a 28-year-old man died after being crushed by his neighbor over a parking dispute. Late night on 12th May, IT company manager rishabh Jasuja was crushed to death by a car. After the murder, the accused fled from the spot with a vehicle. However, the accused has not been arrested yet. The police is investigating the matter.

Neighbor crushed me with car

Nowadays people are angry. Sometimes people lose their temper in anger and do something due to which they have to repent for the rest of their life. One such case has come from Gurugram where a person crushed his neighbor to death over a dispute over car parking. Let us tell you that this incident took place in Sector 49 South City 2 area. Here, PG operators Ranjak Jasuja and rishabh Jasuja live with their families in D-112. rishabh was an IT manager by profession. At 11 pm on sunday night, he had a fight with his neighbor Manoj Bhardwaj over parking his car.

What is the whole matter?

According to the information, rishabh Jasuja of Gurugram, returning from work, had parked his car outside the residence of Manoj Bhardwaj, resident of Sector 49. An argument started between the two regarding this matter. After this, Rishabh's younger brother and his mother tried to convince Manoj. Angered by this, he attacked both of them. After this, Manoj got angry and ran the car over Rishabh. rishabh died on the spot after coming under the car.

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