Dog and its owner beaten with sticks in Hyderabad, CCTV footage going viral

A shocking incident has come to light from Hyderabad, where a pet dog and its owner have been brutally attacked with sticks. This entire incident has been captured in CCTV footage.Recently, you must have seen many cases of dog bites on social media. After all these cases have come to light, now those people who have kept dogs are worried. How big is the problem? We can understand this from an incident in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, a pet dog and its owner were brutally beaten with sticks by some people.

The case is being reported from Rahmatnagar in Hyderabad, whose CCTV video is now going viral on social media. In the video you can see that a man is seen walking his pet dog on the side of the road. Then his dog starts barking at the people passing by. After some time, some people come there and start beating the dog's owner with sticks.

The viral video is from Mathuranagar, Hyderabad. It is said that this dog would often pounce on passers-by, due to which the dog's owner remained careless. This state of carelessness was showing no sign of ending, so people's patience broke. Then what happened was captured in CCTV!!!

Seeing all this, the man's family reaches there to save him, but people beat them up too. They also attack his dog with sticks. However, later some people from the area come to intervene. As soon as information about the incident was received, the police immediately came into action and took all the accused into custody. police said that a case has been registered against all the accused under several serious sections including the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.The video has been shared by Konam's ex-user and has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far. people are also giving different types of reactions to this incident.

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