Joint Commissioner of Gurugram listened to complaints…

The distinguished citizens of Zone-2 area met Dr. naresh Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Gurugram, in his office. In the meeting, the issue of cleaning the city and solving other problems was raised. Besides, demand for action against the agencies negligent in cleaning work was also made by the distinguished citizens. Citizens said that there is a need to take concrete steps by the Municipal Corporation to improve the cleanliness system of the city. The work of cleaning roads and streets and other public places in the city has been entrusted to various agencies and corporation roll cleaning staff, but despite this, the cleaning system is not being done properly.

Citizens have to face problems

Apart from this, due to non-regular collection of garbage lying at various places, the citizens of the city have to face problems. Citizens said that if any agency or employee is negligent in his work, then action should be taken against him.

Joint Commissioner has given clear instructions

Joint Commissioner Dr. naresh Kumar said that work is being done rapidly to improve the cleanliness system of the city. Under this, different areas have been allotted to cleaning agencies and corporation roll cleaning staff. Representatives of agencies and sanitation workers have been given clear instructions to improve the cleanliness system in their respective areas, otherwise action will be taken against them. He said that garbage lying at various places is also being picked up continuously.

Joint Commissioner inspired the people

He called upon the citizens to motivate people not to throw garbage here and there. Many times the garbage is picked up by the Municipal Corporation, but after some time or the next day, garbage starts piling up there again. If people throw their garbage in the dustbin or at the authorized place only, then the garbage will not spread here and there and it will also be collected properly. He said that cleanliness is the social responsibility of all of us. Everyone should follow this responsibility. Regarding the collection of horticulture waste, he said that the horticulture branch of the Municipal Corporation is collecting horticulture waste from different areas every day.

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