Saini cabinet approves new excise policy in Haryana!!!

The haryana government has approved the new excise policy of the state in the cabinet meeting held on wednesday (May 15) after getting the approval from the election Commission. The state government had called a cabinet meeting on wednesday under the chairmanship of chief minister Nayab Saini. In this the new excise policy was approved. Due to the conditions of the Commission, not much change has been made in the old policy.

After the expiry of the old policy, the new policy will be implemented for one year from june 12. The policy accepted by the cabinet will remain in force till june 12, 2025. According to the new policy, the quota of country liquor has been increased in the state as compared to earlier. At the same time, foreign liquor has also been brought under the purview of track and tracing system. Earlier, only liquor made in haryana and india was under the purview of this system. The auction of liquor contracts will start from May 27.

In the new policy, there is no condition for distilleries to pack liquor only in glass bottles. They have been given the option of packing liquor in both glass and plastic bottles. Earlier, when former deputy cm Dushyant Chautala was the Excise minister, the government had decided that distilleries would not be able to use plastic bottles in haryana in the new year. Later, the then chief minister Manohar Lal reversed this decision and gave both options to the liquor traders for the next one year. Like last year, this time also the number of liquor vends will remain 2400.

Track and tracing system implemented on foreign liquor

After cases of poisonous liquor came to light in haryana, the government had decided to create a track and tracing system for the supply of liquor in the state. In the haryana Excise Policy 2023-24, a provision was made to implement this QR code based track and tracing system. Through QR code, the government will be able to get all the information regarding the production, supply and sale of liquor. With this, contractors will be able to sell liquor only in the designated area and smuggling will stop.

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