CM kejriwal attacks bjp in road show in Amritsar!!!

In view of the lok sabha elections, delhi cm arvind kejriwal held a road show with punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann in Amritsar. cm kejriwal said that these people were put in jail in a false case. Bhagwant Maan used to come to meet. When the supreme court gave 20 days' time, I came to meet you. If you press the broom button, I will not have to go to jail.

On BJP's claim of 400 seats, he said that prime minister Narendra Modi has to end reservation. They have done complete planning. If they get majority then they will stop the elections again. Our big leaders have been put in jail. Jail is not a problem for us, the country and the Constitution are bigger for us.

The delhi chief minister further said, “I used to ask Maan Saheb whether everything is going well in Punjab? Are people happy or not? I was wondering why these people put me in jail? What is my fault? I am a small man. We are having a small party. Our fault is that we made your electricity free. They do not want electricity to be free. My fault is that I started fixing your schools in delhi and Punjab. Making arrangements for good education for the children of the poor. That's why they put me in jail. They don't want government schools to improve.

He further said, “Arranged for free medicines and treatment for you.” But the irony is that when I went to Tihar, they did not give me medicines. I am a sugar patient. I take insulin injections every day. In Tihar they did not give me insulin for 15 days. I don't know what these people wanted to do with me. By the grace of God, the supreme court has given 20 days' time and I am among you. Whether I will go to jail again or not depends on you guys.

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