54 thousand wheat bags soaked in rain at Dungarpur station!!!

It rained for four consecutive days in udaipur division. It rained in many areas here on wednesday (May 15) also. With this rain, the weather became pleasant and people got a lot of relief from the scorching heat and heat. 54 thousand wheat sheaves got wet in the rain on Wednesday. This grain had come to Dungarpur railway station, which was to be supplied to the mid-day meals of children in schools. Due to lack of measures to cover them in time or make rescue arrangements, such a huge loss occurred.

Chances of damage increased due to getting wet

Actually, on tuesday (May 14) night, a consignment of wheat for PDS and Mid Day Mill had arrived at Dungarpur Railway Station. This was received by the officials of FCI and State Warehouse. The wheat sheaves were not picked up and kept in the warehouse. All the bags were lying at the station itself. Meanwhile, it rained on wednesday afternoon, due to which about 54 thousand wheat sheaves lying at the station got wet. All the officials reached the spot and now the wheat is being picked up from there, but there is a possibility that the wet wheat may get spoiled.

'FCI does not have warehouse'

In this matter, State Warehouse Manager shankar Yadav told the media that the wheat sheaves are being lifted from there. He told that FCI does not have its own warehouse. For this reason, the warehouse of the State Warehouse has been rented for storing wheat. shankar Yadav further said that it will be seen how much wheat has been damaged more than this. Let us tell you that children are given morning meal in government schools. This mid-day meal is provided with the grains received from the government and milk is also given to the children.

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